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Most information on transferring is surface level. In this podcast, we get into the weeds and uncover people's true challenges and spiritual growth throughout their transfer journey.

Weekly Newsletter

Fresh transfer insights that our team picks up and dishes out in real-time.

Transfer E-Book

A PDF we created by asking transfer students what their biggest tips were. These are insider hacks to make your transfer experience richer, better, and more fun.


Ever wanted to know what General Ed. classes you should take but can't be bothered looking up the ratings online? Well, we created an uber-spreadsheet so you don't have to.

Emerging Leaders Program

The original, student run mentor-mentee program. This is where we pair incoming transfer students with seasoned transfers at USC. The program has seen a vast amount of enhancement in professional, social, and academic growth.

Student Assembly

Our Executive Board works extensively with USC administration, USG, and the various schools to push for policies that improve transfer students' lives.

Executive Board

The Executive Board works tirelessly to fight for transfer students! We are a group of students across different majors and schools united for a single cause: to help you.

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We're there to support you, at any stage of your journey. Whether it's basic info or coaching we've got you covered.


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What happens after I sign up to the email list?

As soon as you sign up you will get a confirmation email sent to your inbox.

What are the dues to be a part of TSC?

Free. $0. Nada. You are automaticalluy considered to be a part of TSC as a transfer student.

How can I get more involved and be a part of the team?

Reach out to us via email or via Instagram at @usctsc and someone will get back to you.

What are the dues to be a part of ELP if I am accepted?

It varies. It is usually $80 for in-persons semester, $20 for virtual semesters (Covid-19).

What's the difference between ELP and TSC and TSA?

ELP (Emerging Leaders Program) is our 1-on-1 mentorship program that we run every semester. TSC (Transfer Student Community) is the Recognized Student Organization. TSA (Transfer Student Assembly) is the assembly co-founded by TSC eboard in Fall 2020.

Who should I talk to about my classes?

Feel free to reach out to your academic advisor...we can help but not all of us are experts.

How can I attend events?

You can link our calendar with yours in the events section so you'll never miss out. Sometimes we need you to RSVP, just check our Monday newsletter.

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